National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Francysk Skaryna - educator-humanist" exhibition

  • 25.05.2017

Within the framework of festive events dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian printing, on June 2 the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus presents the exhibition "Skorina - the Humanist Educator".

The figure of the famous enlightener-humanist is a symbol of the Belarusian Renaissance. The publication in Prague in 1517 of the Bible "for the people paspalitaga, for navuchennya dobraga", he laid down the traditions of the Cyrillic press, and the language of the Book of Books researchers attributed to the Belarusian edition of the Church Slavonic language.

The photo exhibition is located in the inner courtyard of the museum, where for several years the cultural and educational program "Old New Yard" is being realized. The exhibition "Skorina - an educator-humanist" is not a scientific analysis of Skaryna's legacy, but an original artistic presentation of the anniversary theme using modern photography.

The show is based on materials from the collections of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus: the sculptural image of Skorina by Eduard Astafiev; A picturesque portrait of Skaryna, created by Peter Sergievich; Graphic sheets depicting Belarusian humanist educators Nikola Gusovsky, Simon Budny, Vasily Tsyapinsky, Simeon of Polotsk, performed by Valentin and Lyalya Varetsi, Arlen Kashkurevich, Eduard Agunovich and other famous artists. A Belarusian poster dedicated to the activities of the enlightener is widely represented. As an example of the continuation of the traditions of the Cyrillic press laid by Skorina, photographs of Cyrillic editions from the museum collection are exhibited, including: The Apostle (after 1595), the New Testament with the Psalter (after 1611), Oktoikh (1646), and the Alphabet (after 1781).

Stock materials are supplemented with photo-images of engravings from the "Book of Kings", "Books of Jesus of Sirach" and others, presented for display by the National Library of Belarus.

The authors of the art concept of the exhibition are Alexander Alekseev and Oleg Lukashevich, known by a number of illustrated editions devoted to historical and cultural monuments of Belarus.

Addressed to the widest museum audience, the exhibition "Skorina - Enlightener, Humanist" will be open until early October.

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