National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Homeland. Reconstruction" exhibition

  • 07.08.2018

August 7, 2018. The National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus will open a personal exhibition of the artist Eduard Matyushonok "Homeland. Reconstruction", timed to the Year of the small motherland.

The exhibition will feature reconstruction works with portraits, coats of arms, buildings. The painter reveals the essence of the homeland concept: from his native home, where he was born and raised, to the heritage of the country. In particular, the artist's exposition shows his genealogic tree, as well as dynasties of outstanding personalities of Belarus, who created a rich history: Khreptovichi, Pljatery, Bogdanovichi, Kozello–Poklevsky, Lubansky and others. And each of them is in the context of his great heritage. Separately, there will be works dedicated to the history of Vileyka District.

Edward Matiushonok was born in the village of Mnjuta, Glubokoe District, Vitebsk Region. Since childhood, he tried to understand the human soul, showed a desire to unravel the secrets of nature. Love and respect for the native land, its inhabitants, the parental home, the nature's mystery, the depths of history are still close to the artist. Since 1984 he has been living with his family and working in Vileika (Minsk region) in Gymnasium No. 1 "Logos", teaches drawing and the course "Domestic and World Art Culture", supervises the children's studio "Vesyolka." Many of his students became laureates of a number of competitions in in the field of design and architecture, has started active creative work since 1986. He takes part in international, republican and regional exhibitions, at the moment more than 15 solo exhibitions have been held both in Belarus and abroad. lectures of Belarus, the USA and Germany.In 1989 he was admitted to the youth section of the Belarusian Union of Artists.

The exhibition is open until 30.08.2018

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