National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Instruments. Devices

Gramophones, phonographs, TV sets, tape recorders, acoustic systems, microphones, etc. – all these are the items of named collection. It dates back to 1961, when the holdings of a museum got radio receivers "Turist" released in 1957 at the Riga VEF factory, and "Iskra" released in 1955 in Aleksandrov (Russia). Both were brought by the museum's staff from the expedition in 1961 to the virgin lands of Kazakhstan. Rather interesting object is the German radio "Telefunken" (acquisition of 1983) made in May 1939, several months before the outbreak of the Second World War. It was intended for the Polish market, as evidenced by the inscriptions in Polish on the instrument dial. This brand of radios was popular enough among the inhabitants of Western Belarus. Product samples of Minsk plants producing radio and television equipment in 1940s - 1980s are also presented in the collection – radio reciever "KIM", TV sets "Horizont", radio receivers "Selena" and "Okean". One of the earliest items concerning the time of producing is an 1888 music box of Julius Heinrich Zimmermann’s company. It was released in the first five years of the factory existence that was founded in 1883 by Zimmerman in St. Petersburg. Late 19th-century "Kalliope" music box is presented in the collection. Object that is closest to our times is microphone "Philips" of 2000-2003. Latest acquisition to the collection, which occurred in February 2011, is a 1976 set of cassette portable recorder "Sputnik 403" of Kharkiv plant "Proton". This is part of the materials transferred to the museum by daughter of the famous Belarusian journalist Aliaksandr Dzitlau (1912-2009). By the end of 2010, the number of items of the collection "Instruments. Devices" comprised 89 units.