National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus

"Life as a reason..." exhibition

  • 06.09.2017

On September 6, the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus opens a photo project of Alik Zamostin "Life as a reason...".

The eternal problem of the portrait painter is to stop the moment exactly there and at the moment when what he sees most closely coincides with the author's understanding, his idea of this or that personality.

It should be noted that Alik Zamostin is coping with this difficult task; his portraits are accurately noticed and "torn out" of life plots, where the whole life of a person is compressed in an instant, and this moment he manages to catch. In this, obviously, and shows the skill and creative success of the photographer.

Alik Zamostin, taking pictures of faces, tries to tell about their souls, not about the external, but about the inner appearance of the person who was in front of his lens. His camera stops the moment at the right time. Just then the moment becomes beautiful!

At the exhibition there are mainly portraits of famous and little–known people, and sometimes even unknown ones. Very accurately and convincingly, the editor–in–chief of the Sputnik newspaper (Tel Aviv, Israel) Mark Gorin said: "... the lens of Alik Zamosin speaks much more objectively than any words ..."

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